Our Expertise

Net-zero industry

Accompanying industry on the path towards transformation is one of our core competencies. We are experienced in supporting entrepreneurial strategies in the context of a rapidly changing regulatory environment. We are well-versed in emissions trading, carbon markets and carbon management issues. Our team has actively supported the development of carbon contracts for difference (climate protection contracts) in Germany and has dealt with problems and solutions in energy-intensive industries over many years.


Putting the Paris Agreement into action

We closely monitor and understand the evolution of national climate targets, the Paris Agreement's mechanism to enhance ambition, and the changing nature of the international climate regime. This includes the overall regulatory context, the analysis of impacts for globally operating companies, and the review of corporate climate targets in the context of the global framework.

Climate regulation

In implementing the Paris Agreement, we have landed in a continuous climate policy regulation reform process. Analysing EU climate, energy, and sustainability regulations lie within the core of our work. We are monitoring and assessing the climate policy landscape around the EU's Fit for 55 package, introducing emissions trading schemes in China, the climate policy agenda in the US and other countries, and at the UNFCCC level. In these topics, we offer overview, orientation, concrete tools, training and advice.

Carbon pricing

We understand the regulatory means of carbon pricing. We build on our profound knowledge of the EU Emissions Trading System and other regulatory approaches. Our expertise comprises policy design, analysis of effects on economies and businesses, and on-the-ground implementation in installations of all industry sectors. We have extensive knowledge of carbon pricing instruments in the EU and other countries such as China and the US. We also offer consultancy services on the EU's new carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM).


Climate policies and international trade

We are monitoring and preparing knowledge products on carbon border adjustment policies (CBAM), the impacts of national climate-related policies on industrial relocations, as well as trade-related conflict and cooperation in the context of climate change. Our experts have dealt with competitiveness and carbon leakage issues in the context of emissions trading systems for many years.


The emerging role of hydrogen in global decarbonisation efforts

We are observing and analysing the Hydrogen sector's political, regulatory and economic developments. Our experts are particularly familiar with the regulatory landscape of the EU with its pillars EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), Renewable Energies Directive (RED), Fuel Qualities Directive (FQD) and Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and programmes such as REPower EU, FuelEU Maritime and Aviation and others. We also looked at the potential of H2 in the context of industry transformation and Carbon Contracts for Difference.


Carbon capture, storage, and utilisation

Carbon capture is essential for achieving global climate neutrality in the IPCC scenarios. Together with our partner FutureCamp Climate, our experts support the development of a carbon management strategy for Germany. In addition to geological storage (CCS), we work intensively on carbon capture and utilisation (CCU). Our experts' years of support for companies in the chemical industry are an essential pillar for this.


Investor communication

CDP is an essential tool for investor communication and driving transparency in financial markets.

Our team has more than 10 years of expertise in effective reporting to the investors community. We combine that reporting and broader financial market expertise with a strong understanding of climate-related risks and opportunities in the real economy. Through our holistic evaluation of climate management approaches we help companies enhance the resilience of their business models. Through systematic analysis of reported data, we also inform private investors and other capital market actors on emerging related risks and opportunities in portfolios and markets.