Founded in 2023, we are part of the Munich-based FutureCamp Group with some 60 experienced experts providing consulting services in climate, sustainability, energy, environment, and innovation.
Together, we offer our clients strategic and operational support, short-term cooperation, and long-term partnership. Our customer base is broad and international: ministries and government-related agencies, municipalities, associations, large corporations, and medium-sized companies.


Andreas Wehrl

Andreas is Managing Partner of The Climate Desk. He has 15 years of experience analysing climate policies, researching carbon pricing and net-zero industries, and communicating insights through publications, workshops, and international capacity building.

Daniel Scholz

Daniel is Partner and Head of Reporting & Investor Services at The Climate Desk. He has broad expertise in carbon pricing instruments (ETS, offset instruments) both hands-on and as a seasoned analyst and trainer. He leads our CDP team (formerly at FutureCamp) since 2013.

Louisa Pajnik

Louisa is a studied mathematics and chemistry teacher. She is currently deepening her academic education with a bachelor’s
in environment and engineering while
working at TCD.

Io Cohn

As an executive assistant, Io helps us keep our heads in the day-to-day doing. They know how to do that well: before that, they held a family doctor's practice running, so they can keep an overview of many tasks and have an eye for people.

Madelyn Gentili

Madelyn Gentili, currently a full-time Consultant at The Climate Desk, brings prior experience from FutureCamp, where she assisted clients with CDP reporting, policy analysis, and ESG support. With a background in project management within the Financial Services industry and a Master's degree in Sustainable Resource Management, her expertise encompasses decarbonization strategies, life cycle assessment, and innovative nature-based solutions.

Moritz Wiorkowski

Moritz is a studied economist focusing on political science. He has gained experience in sustainability reporting through his work with CDP, where he contributed to the analysis and reporting of corporate sustainability data.

Stefanie Weiß

Stefanie is a freelance editor specialising in sustainable issues. She is also a certified Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) expert, a UNESCO programme based on the 17 SDGs. At The Climate Desk, she supports the CDP scoring team.

Matthias Schuendehuette

Matthias is an experienced IT administrator with a long career in a large company. He supports us with his know-how in keeping our highly digitalised infrastructure safe and running.

Yash Singhania

Yash is working as a Consulting intern, supporting our clients across industries in CDP Reporting. He brings valuable experience and insights from his background in technology and innovation, having worked with renowned MNCs previously. Pursuing a Master’s degree in Management, he seeks to gain valuable experience in Strategy and Digital Transformation.

Livia Liberto

Livia has a background in Environmental Sciences coupled with a Master in Sustainable Resource Management degree. She previously worked through different fields, ranging from sustainable building and urban development to renewable energies. She is keen on tackling new challenges related to sustainability and environmental valuation.

Lorenzo Montrone

Lorenzo is a consultant at TCD, based in Berlin. He holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Economics from the Technical University of Berlin, with a dissertation on international climate and energy policies for a successful energy transition away from fossil fuels. He is experienced in a variety of methodologies including econometric analysis, economic modelling, and qualitative methods. He contributes to the analysis and reporting of corporate sustainability data as well as to the development of research and knowledge products.


Philipp Geres

Philipp is a consultant at FutureCamp Climate GmbH. Previously, he worked on Chinese-German cooperation projects on climate action and the energy transition at the German Federal enterprise GIZ in Beijing, China, for four years. He works on low-carbon transformation strategies, carbon crediting project mechanisms, and policy analysis. At The Climate Desk, he contributes to international consulting services, research, and knowledge products.



FutureCamp Climate

Since 2001, FutureCamp has provided strategic and operational consulting services focusing on climate protection, sustainability, energy, and the environment for corporations, medium-sized companies, associations, government authorities, and public education providers. The main areas of expertise are transformation concepts towards greenhouse gas neutrality – net-zero strategies, sustainability reporting, national and European emissions trading, CO2 market activities, carbon footprinting, market-based mechanisms - mitigation contributions (A6.4ERs/VERs), and development of climate protection projects.


LIFE Climate

Life Climate is a leading sustainability consultancy firm with a 15-year track record in mitigating environmental impacts through comprehensive climate strategies. Their services span from developing Voluntary Carbon Market projects, net zero strategies, managing supply chain emissions, conducting in-depth carbon footprint analysis, strategic offsetting, and preparing comprehensive sustainability reports for corporations. They have successfully developed nearly 200 projects in line with globally recognized standards such as the Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard, Global Carbon Council, and Social Carbon.

In 2012, Life Climate expanded their services to include capacity building in response to the Regulation on Monitoring of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, empowering organizations to manage their environmental impacts effectively. They also contributed to the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) process, a collaboration with GIZ and the World Bank's Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) project. Life Climate’s consistent pursuit of sustainable progress underscores their commitment to the region's ongoing efforts against the climate crisis.